Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New blog for a new year!

Hey guys! Well 2009 kinda got away from me there! My new show I'M IN THE BAND ended up taking much, much more time than I expected. But I have to say (and I hope you will see it when it launches Jan 18, worldwide) that it's absolutely the most fun I've ever had shooting anything ever!
That's saying a lot believe me. It's just that I haven't laughed like this, while working, in a long time.

What a poser huh!

It's true what they say, dying is easy.. "Comedy is hard"!
There is nothing worse than setting up and delivering a joke to absolute silence... A lot of trial am error goes into an episode of a sitcom, but then when you get the roar from the audience and you know they're with you it's all worth it!
Hope you all like it!
2009 was an interesting year, I discovered a long lost pic of me performing magic for Michael Jackson back in the early 90's which seemed rather timely given Michael left us last year.

I sold my first drama pilot to TV network USA. Finished writing two others. Created a graphic novel, 'AMONG THE SPIRITS', completed two video games DRAGONAGE and UNCHARTED2. (making, not playing, them haha!)
Plus shot all 20 episodes of season one of I'M IN THE BAND. Phew!
Oh and found time to get engaged in front of a live studio audience.
Thanks everyone for all your support!
This year had started off snowy!
I'm in the UK visiting family and it's the worst snowstorms for 150 years!

But it's still fun. Visited the Tate Modern museum. The problem with art museums is theres too much bloody art! Its 'art overload' and eventually like anything you get FULL.
Quite a few times I caught myself scoffing saying to myself "really THATS ART?" but kept reminding myself that art is different things to different people. My favourite 'you got to be kidding' moment was a piece that was basically a mirror hung on a wall. Next to it was a description of how brilliant it was as a piece of art "are we looking at art or is it looking at us" blah blah blah! WAIT...DOH ...art is different things to different people...
Lunch was fun there with unusual cola

It had alcohol content!

Found a lonely Tea bag on the street, this is exactly how I found him

He looked do sad!

Hit the theatre as well, AN INSPECTOR CALLS was brilliant in it's staging and OLIVER was good. In the musical, Nancy starts singing "as long as he needs me" right after the 'he' (Bill Sikes) has punched her out! Bit dated these days with all the awareness of spousal abuse, and in a musical attracting a lot of kids, but then it IS Dickens, that guy gets away with murder! ;)
Anyway loads of fun in London and now on a train to visit Mumsy!

Ziggy had a wonderful Xmas

But was almost eaten by coyotes in the new year, (he's ok don't worry).

Oh here's a pic of a doggie that just sat and stared at us while I was renting a car! So cute!

So it's 2010, no flying cars yet but I would like to wish all of you a fantastic year! Let's kick it in the arse!

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