Wednesday, August 3, 2011



OMFG! ok so peer pressure is a bitch. Working out, boot camp style with a bunch of 20 year olds is inspirational, challenging and depressing.
That why I'm writing this with voice to text recognition software. My thumbs are too tired to type!

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Bonus time

An extra bonus of being in a play with such physically fit actors is enforced training for two hours a day. Bonus? Well yeah,
because as much as I love yoga it takes all the willpower in my soul to go to class. Now I HAVE to train, it's in my contract..
How hard can it be? These guys are huge. I've already walked into a glass window, banging my head and spraining my thumb in FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CAST, so humiliation is not a factor.

Today is the first training day. Cool right? Um... I'll let you know...

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1. The elaborate entrance of Chad Deity

What an amazing day! Challenging, inspirational and scary!
Today, I started rehearsing for a play at the legendary GEFFEN theatre in Westwood, California. An honor to be asked to appear there and even more of an honor to be asked to work with a caliber of actor that is simply mind blowing.
There is NOTHING more intimidating, yes I said it, INTIMIDATING, than doing a table read of a play with the ORIGINAL cast who have been performing this piece for three years! IN CHICAGO, IN NEW YORK! But I love it, we all need challenges!
Also we spent the day with one of the top fight instructors in the country. It was like a Stage/wrestling combat master class.
More to come but here's a link on the play


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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back in the chair

So I'm sitting in the barbers chair getting a cut and ... Gulp... Color! Yes it's true, I have grey hair color put in to make me look older ;) . At Floyds which is full of characters, great for awesome people watching. Yet the place always feels like 'manufactured hipster' if that makes sense? It's cool but they all kinda look the same, same stickers, same tattooed stylists,same music. Not complaining just an observation.

It's a good day today, cut open an egg and check it out...

Hope to get back to more blogging! Stay tuned!