Wednesday, August 3, 2011



OMFG! ok so peer pressure is a bitch. Working out, boot camp style with a bunch of 20 year olds is inspirational, challenging and depressing.
That why I'm writing this with voice to text recognition software. My thumbs are too tired to type!

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Bonus time

An extra bonus of being in a play with such physically fit actors is enforced training for two hours a day. Bonus? Well yeah,
because as much as I love yoga it takes all the willpower in my soul to go to class. Now I HAVE to train, it's in my contract..
How hard can it be? These guys are huge. I've already walked into a glass window, banging my head and spraining my thumb in FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CAST, so humiliation is not a factor.

Today is the first training day. Cool right? Um... I'll let you know...

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1. The elaborate entrance of Chad Deity

What an amazing day! Challenging, inspirational and scary!
Today, I started rehearsing for a play at the legendary GEFFEN theatre in Westwood, California. An honor to be asked to appear there and even more of an honor to be asked to work with a caliber of actor that is simply mind blowing.
There is NOTHING more intimidating, yes I said it, INTIMIDATING, than doing a table read of a play with the ORIGINAL cast who have been performing this piece for three years! IN CHICAGO, IN NEW YORK! But I love it, we all need challenges!
Also we spent the day with one of the top fight instructors in the country. It was like a Stage/wrestling combat master class.
More to come but here's a link on the play


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