Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well helloooooo

I have been sooo busy launching a new show that their has been zero time to write. Learning guitar, singing lessons and a long sitcom schedule knocked me out these last 3weeks. Now we are hitting our stride I can pull the trusty (?!) iPhone out and blog from the make up chair as my awesome rocker wig is being attatched!

The show is called IM IN THE BAND
It follows the life of teeanger Tripp Campbell as he joins his all time fave 80's Rock band IRON WEASEL as they vie for a comeback. I play lead singer and rock legend in his own mind , DEREK JUPITER.
I have not had this much fun and laughed out loud so much in years! And I'm not just saying that coz I'm in it! The reason I chose to do this show was the scripts were hysterical! The band let's the kid join as long as they can live in his mums guest room! It's Spinal Tap millenium style and it's a blast,
I hope you will all check it out when we premier in January on Disney XD
Talking of Disney, the Wizards of Waverly Place movie prems in August, It was a challenge to shoot as I had a parrot on my shoulder the ENTIRE film! But she (parrot) was very affectionate and we had fun together! They say never work with kids or animals but this shoot proved that wrong! The WWP cast were lovely to work with and we all had fun off camera too. It was shot entirely on location in Puerto Rico, which, with the exception of the over 50 spider and mosquito bites I endured, was a beautiful location!
Well, wig is on, make-ups done, time to change and go shoot! We are starting with a scene where we rock the bands new song PRETTY BITTER, a break up song that takes no prisoners!
Ciao peeps luv y'all!
Stevie V

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