Thursday, September 3, 2009

Titan the python

Wow been a while since I blogged! Have to say I'm having a blast on the show I'M IN THE BAND. recently we shot a scene with snakes... Real snakes... And a six foot python named Titan

They squeeze you to death... Titan.. Get it? -- so needless to say I wasnt too happy when they placed him around my neck! But I'll tell you this, we bonded pretty quickly, we're gonna hang again real soon.

He was so cool, you can feel yhe sheer power of six feet an forty pounds of muscle, and its humblong. Titan was an albino, white amd yellow markings and he was a babe, the Brad Pitt of snakes.

Goes to show that preconceived notions are often wrong, now I wonder if its the same with humans.... NAH!

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