Friday, June 5, 2009

Charity, Disney and violent video games!

This morning I had breakfast with Scot Williams, Scot was a writer and producer on Crossing Jordan, then moved over to co-ep BONES and now will be working with the big TV cheese himself....Jerry Bruckheimer! Way to go man that's awesome! Best of luck!
Scot is also the co-founder of SHANES INSPIRATION a truly wonderful positive charity, please check it out and donate if you can, The recession has hit charities so badly, and any help will always be I will like you more !!!!

Soooooo excited to start shooting a new series for Disney XD, we begin July 8th, just saw the pilot it's looking goooood, show is called VIPER SLAP! About a 14 year old boy who joins an 80's rockband searching for a comeback. Here's a pic of me in full make up! is that my real hair..hmmmmm
The other awesome video game, DRAGONAGE, that I completed this year will be premiering in October. its amazing!  Check out the trailers
I think I recorded close to 6000 lines of dialogue, well more really, approximately 3000 lines and three or four variations on each, so it adds up! 

Here is a pic of my character, Alistair, the reluctant hero. who kicks ass!

I am constantly amazed at the detail in these games, this one is truly majestic!

So you see, an actors life for me, to play such different roles, inhabit so many lives, taste the worlds I might have entered and those I steered away from. That's why I love it, it makes this life I'm leading now...more like a multiple role playing game..split personality existence, without the prozak!

Sunday photo shoot with Karen Soltero, gonna rock that!
you all have an amazing weekend, now lets seeeeee...who do I want to be today.......