Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Meeting your heroes

Recently took a trip to New York to walk the runway for DRESSED TO KILT. Sir Sean Connery's annual fundraiser. was a blast on the runway but backstage was another experience. Met some wonderful people, passionate about the charity and their lives, people taking risks and following their passions, people who appreciated the chance this event gave them, to help others.

But I also had a classic 'don't meet your heroes' moment, an actress I have long enjoyed who was a complete B***** to me. For no reason and I mean NO REASON! I simply said hello and had to endure, not just her bitching about the event, but the disdainful looks and eye rolling she sent in my direction. 

The bigger they were, the rougher they fall!

It's funny, DRESSED TO KILT for me embodied everything I love about ' The Biz':
People giving their time and stature to a charity for the shear joy of participating and raising money...

and the worst of 'The Biz':
 'celebrities' who have forgotten what it is to have manners and be polite, who have insecurities and entitlements so vast they have lost touch with the simplicity of
 being a human being.

If it wasn't for Inna that may have ruined my night, (I have a tendency to let rudeness get to me) but she convinced me to focus on the elephant...

Have to say though, all in all a fantastic event, I will be taking part in more and more this year, including SHANES INSPIRATION, a wonderful positive charity that puts to use every dollar it raises.

THEY SAY NEVER MEET YOUR HEROES. I disagree, meet as many as you can, for one thing you will often be pleasantly surprised, but the truth is you will see them as simply human, people as fallible, flawed and scared as you and me. Let this inspire you because lets face it, if THEY can become successful, then so can you.

I have been in Hollywood for 20 years now, many more 'heroes' stories to come...