Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ok people here we go, before we start with true blogs I have to include the obligatory BIO!


That’s the phrase that keeps Steve Valentine going, as he plows 

through his wide, varied and ultimately strangely connected 


Born in Scotland and raised near London, England, Steve has 

had a fascination with performing from the age of 5. That was 

the year he started THEATRE and DANCE training and took a 

passionate, lifelong interest in MAGIC. His first job was playing 

a child Prince in ‘THE KING AND I’ in London theatre at the 

age of 7, 

From those humble beginnings to appearing in almost two 

hundred hours of television, a dozen movies and countless 

commercials, to starring in the Hit TV series CROSSING 

JORDAN, Steve Valentine has done it all. 

Always the performer, Steve DJ’d in Europe, ran a nightclub at 

18 years old in the former Yugoslavia only just escaping the war, 

entertained troops in the Belize jungle, Northern Ireland and Falkland Islands during that war. He 

has traveled the world on a cruise ship performing stand-up comedy, headlined in Las Vegas and 

become known as one of the top close-up magicians in the world. 

“ I had a chance to stay in Vegas with my own illusion show” Steve admits “ But I’m an actor at 

heart and needed to stay in LA to follow that dream.” 

Once in LA Steve still dabbled in magic, winning the coveted CLOSE UP MAGICIAN OF THE 

YEAR award, two years in a row, from Hollywood’s World Famous MAGIC CASTLE. 

Steve had to retire from the magic scene when, auditioning for a movie role the producer turned 

out to be a past magic client who had hired Steve for his kids bar mitzvah, he didn’t take Steve 

seriously as an actor. The next day the magic was dropped and the rest is history. 

One year later Steve got the sitcom ‘Nikki’ for the WB, followed by six years on NBC’s ‘Crossing 


 “While he is unorthodox in his approach to his work and the people he works with, there is 

something amusing and charming about him,” says Steve Valentine of ‘Dr. Nigel Townsend’ his 

“Crossing Jordan” character, a quirky criminalist/forensics expert -- and ex-British soldier. 

“Out of the myriad of characters I have played, ‘Nigel’ is definitely one of my favorites -- arguably 

the most multi-faceted and easily the most FUN!” 

Steve’s guest star appearances run the gamut, his guest starring role on NBC’s “Just Shoot Me,” in 

which his character, ‘Zigmund’, has an affair with Nina (Wendie Malick), was a showstopper that 

produced a flood of letters and industry talk and gained him rave reviews. His additional series 


credits include such shows as  “House”, “Monk”, “Chuck” “Middleman” “Will & Grace,” “The 

Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman”, “Dharma and Greg”, “The Hughleys,” “Boston 

Legal,” “Providence,” “JAG,” “Charmed,” “Martial Law,” “VIP,” “Promised Land” and 

“Diagnosis Murder.” 

Steve’s feature-film credits include Co-starring roles in “Spiderman III,” Albert Brooks’ “The 

Muse,” with Jeff Bridges and Sharon Stone; Tim Burton’s “Mars Attacks,” “Return to the Secret 

Garden” and George Huang’s “Trojan War.” He also starred as the ‘Boogeyman’ in Disney’s 

“Don’t Look Under the Bed.”  As well as such independent films as “Remembering Phil” with 

Nick Turturo, “Fatman and Mr. Taco”,  “Gabriella,” and “Foreign Correspondents,”  

Continuing in his desire to stretch and perform in as many arena’s as possible, Steve just shot ‘I’m 

with the band’ for Disney, starring as the lead singer of the dumbest Rock band in the world, can 

be seen Hosting “Estate of Panic” for Sci-Fi Channel ( just nominated for a Rose D’or) and starring 

in “Stone of Dreams” (the ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ movie) again for Disney. 

Steve Valentine first set foot in America, performing magic on a cruise ship based out of Puerto 

Rico, in March of 1989. It was there he met his now ex-wife, and moved with her to Los Angeles. 

Now, 20 years later, in March of 2009,  the again single Mr. Valentine has just completed  Disney’s 

‘Stone of Dreams’. In which he plays the villain ‘Archie’, a wizard turned street magician, shot 

entirely on location in…. Puerto Rico. 



Recently Steve has written and produced a number of TV and Film 

projects including CRIMEWORLD- a new take on Sherlock 

Holmes, THE GOURMET DETECTIVE -  based on the series of 

hit mystery novels, BLOOD MAGIC a horror screenplay based on 

real events and AMONG SPIRITS, a period X-Files. 

He also just optioned his reality magic competition show MYSTERY 

TOUR to Fox 21. 

Steve Valentine lives in Los Angeles with his newly rescued doggie 

Ziggy and two ghosts. 

In his spare time, he enjoys horseback riding, dancing and riding 

roller coasters, sometimes all at the same time, and yes if you ask 

nicely, he will still blow you away with an incredible magic trick! 

Valentine’s birthday is October 26, every inch a Scorpio..…