Friday, June 12, 2009

Magic really exists...

The Magic Castle ahhhh the place dreams are made of!
I will never forget driving into Hollywood, no
money, no job, just a passion to try and succeed. I thought I could work as a magician while setting up an acting agent, etc. I had heard of the Magic Castle, a mythological place where only the greatest Magicians in the world get invited to appear...literally, I knew it was in California but had no idea where!
The first apartment we stopped at was on Orange Drive, run by an english couple, we wanted to rent but had no credit, no jobs and not much money (about $2000 if I remember right). These guys were angels, they not only let us rent there but helped us find jobs!
I recall mentioning how I hoped to work at the Magic Castle, when the husband, Norris, frowned and took me outside, less than a block up the road, glistening in the sunlight WAS THE MAGIC CASTLE! Needless to say I auditioned to work immediately.

I must have performed THOUSANDS of shows there over the years, even winning a few awards.
Last night I took some friend up there who had never been and the wonder and joy in their faces reminded me of my first time, such a wonderful evening of magic and memories, and drinking and eating !

It's a fantastic place, I hope it stays around forever.

Their are times in life where you jump BEFORE looking, you
have to because if you see the challenges ahead or allow yourself to think of them you will never do it!

Sometimes just having faith in yourself, that everything will be alright, is enough. Having angels sent to watch over your journey cant hurt either!
I have always been a member of the 'jump in and just do it' club. You want to do somthing strongly enough and for the RIGHT REASONS the doors will open, maybe not immediately and for sure not in the sequence you may wish for, but they will open.
remember the ROLLING STONES, '

"you cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll find you get what you need!"

Looking back to 1989, it terrifies me to think about where we may have ended up, if it hadn't been for that lovely warm couple who managed the Orange Apartments I don't think I would be writing this today,
Thank you both

Martin Nash , the greatest card cheat in the world, and I next to our Magic Castle Caricatures!

With Tippi at Shambala fundraiser , that's a whole other blog!