Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Tail of two Ziggy's

So my pal Chris Amerouso, he of glamour and animal photography fame, knew I needed a dog before I did. He's an animal lover and supporter of many charities, as am I, but he's also kind of a tattooed Dr Doolitle.
Anyway one day he comes to me and says that our mutual friend, Linda Blair, of head spinning fame, now runs an amazing PIT-BULL rescue and has a dog for me. His name is Snowflake and he's at her compound. Snowflake needed a minor operation and had been dropped at the pound by a family unable or unwilling to spend the $200. Linda had rescued him just a few days before execution. (when you put it like that it drives home the fact huh?)
I wasn't sure a Pitt-bull was the right dog for me, but I love them anyway so went to visit Linda at her World Heart Foundation Compound.
First of all Linda does an amazing job rescuing Pits, and she runs the place solely on charity donations. She is a truly dedicated and brave person and must have over 50 dogs at her compound and knowing Linda she will find a home for all of them!

So I was finally introduced to snowflake, the dog Chris and Linda thought would be just right for me, there, in the middle of the room, ruling a pack of huge pitbulls, was snow flake, a JackChi! Thats a Jack Russell/ Chihauhua mix. I wasnt sure how to take that! A JackChi? What am I Paris Hilton with the little dog! ?

But then he trotted up to me wagging furiously, not just his tail but his whole body! I was hooked!

That was it, we were instant pals and he has lived at the Valentine compound for two years now.
One thing I knew for sure, the name Snowflake HAD TO GO! He had such a strong alpha personality with the Pits he deserved something cool and hip and strong.
I never knew how agonizing it can be finding a name for you pet, seriously !!! It took me weeks!
Finally I settled on the name Ziggy, but named after which famous Ziggy? As that would surely be the question,

So here it is, the announcement of his full name, Ziggy Marley Stardust Valentine III.

I always joked about people who had photos of their dogs on their cell phone....but THAT day I just had to take one, and now of course the phone is jammed!
I was at a coffee shop, we had just adopted Zigs and I wanted some java, a lady approached with her very young child,
"can he pet your dog "
she asked
I told her I had literally just picked him up and didn't know how he was with kids. she said...
"thats OK I'll take responsibility"
I was a little stunned but having a few witnesses I let the two meet,

Check out the pic,

Ziggy loves kids, he loves everyone, it's true what they say, a rescue knows he's been rescued.
By the way the rescue I'm talking me


Go find one today,
Your perfect companion is sitting, waiting, wagging, on death row...go save him.