Thursday, June 4, 2009

uncharted 2, among thieves

Yesterday I was continuing my year long adventure working for Naughty Dog on the sequel to their blockbuster, UNCHARTED. It's a Sony playstation game and we are close to finishing it. They have some amazing surprises with the sequel, the motion capture elements, directed by Gordon Hunt, are a blast to work on, look stunning on film, and the all in one motion capture jumpsuits we have to wear, absolutely humiliating!. 
It has been inspiring to work with these talented actors who can break out a million voices and impersonations, at times its hard to keep a straight face! I am playing the character of Harry Flynn, he's so much stronger, braver, handsomer and rugged than I am, but then that's the grea thing about motion capture, look at Beowulf!
I have been given permission to blog the new trailer for the game, its like a motion picture, the game play itself has incredible detail,
it's a new world to me, and I love it.